Autumn: Harvest time in the Northern Hemisphere.

Posted: October 31, 2016

In today’s modern and increasingly urban society, it is easy to forget where our food comes from: the farms and forests of the world. Where our food comes from matters. Not only is it the culmination of a year of labor for many, it is the lifeblood of our existence.

Understanding how products are grown, processed, and transported is what we do. Each step and relationship is critical to ensuring a safe and efficient food supply. Nothing we do is more important.

Our company believes that understanding food commodities, growing areas, manufacturers, and supply chains is a personal endeavor. It is why we travel. The countless hours in flight and over bumpy roads is how we develop a deep understanding of the products, places, and people that feed all of us. By traveling it becomes obvious that not all supply chains are the same. Is a small organic plot of land better than a large commercial farm? It depends on the product and growing region. An Organic farm downstream from a neighbor that uses pesticides may test positive for pesticides. Does anyone check? We do.


Pepita Farming in Inner Mongolia

By delving deep into the supply chains of our products, and building personal relationships with our partners, we have first hand knowledge of the local issues affecting each crop. These connections provide us with valuable and timely market knowledge. They also open up the opportunity to create sustainable and socially responsible sourcing. From a farmer, to a collector of a wild forest crop, to the factory worker who processes a commodity for shipment, every person plays an important role in feeding the world. They deserve a fair share of the price and an opportunity to improve their lives. This is important to us, so we have our suppliers audited annually for socially responsible practices.

Product expertise, food safety, relationships, and fair practices are the cornerstones of our company. Whether we are sourcing a common seed/nut or dried fruit, or helping to find or create a specialty product, our people care deeply about the process.

Autumn is a time for harvest festivals around the world. As we celebrate our traditional harvest holiday in America at the end of November, it seems fitting to take a moment to reflect on where our meals come from and those that labored to make it possible.

Feel free to call us. We look forward to the opportunity to share our insights and develop new relationships. Gold Harbor, Where Good Food Comes Naturally.




Happy Autumn!


Wayne Louis

Senior Vice President

Gold Harbor Commodities, Inc.

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