Gold Harbor Story

Our Story

Gold Harbor Commodities, Inc. was founded in Seattle, Washington (USA) in 1988 by its President, James J. Golden, and a small group of local investors. Golden had traveled extensively throughout China and Southeast Asia from 1981 to 1987 sourcing food products for two US import companies that were early pioneers in US-China trade. From these experiences, friendships, and history with Asian suppliers, our company took shape.

In 1994 Gold Harbor was purchased by Universal Corporation, a Fortune 500 agribusiness based in Richmond, Virginia, to expand its trading in food products. In 2007 Red River Foods Group, Inc., a private ownership group, acquired Gold Harbor from Universal together with our sister companies, Red River Foods, Inc. (USA) and Golden Pacific Dalian Food Co., Ltd. (China).

From its beginnings our company’s core business has remained the same: importing dehydrated fruits, nutmeats, seeds, snack foods, and ingredients from our Asian partners to North American buyers across the food industry. Over the past 27 years Gold Harbor has become the largest importer of Chinese pine nuts, Thai rice crackers, and Asian dehydrated fruits to the USA.

In recent years we have also expanded into our own branded “Gold Harbor” products which include mandarin oranges (cups and tins), organic, gluten-free soybean noodles, organic dehydrated tropical fruits, and other seasoned snack mixes.

Our products continue to evolve and change with consumer tastes and preferences for healthy, natural, no-additive foods. Our USDA-certified organic pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and dehydrated fruits are a reflection of growing demand for imports that are safe, sustainable, and traceable – no matter the origin.

Whether it is bulk, retail, private label, or our own “Gold Harbor” brand packaging, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.