Our People

The Gold Harbor traders, sales, marketing, and support staff are a diverse team from several countries.

Within this team we have fluency and/or competency in several languages: English, French, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Malay, and Japanese.

Our senior staff have been sourcing, buying, importing and exporting food products for our company for at least 15 years.   Our logistics managers have well over 20 years of experience handling dry and refrigerated cargo, trucking, food warehousing and distribution. Our support staff provides strong experience handling shipping and trade documentation to facilitate the flow of goods through US Customs, the FDA, and port authorities.

Many of our Gold Harbor team have studied, traveled and/or taught abroad either in China, France, Japan, Eastern Europe, or Malaysia.

Most of us are self-described “foodies” with a passion for foods and snacks from origins far and wide across the globe. Our interest in the latest food trends and research helps to fuel our new product development.

We welcome the chance to share our enthusiasm for healthy and delicious snack foods with you.