Red River Foods Group

Gold Harbor Commodities, Inc. is one of three companies that comprise the Red River Foods Group, Inc., a Virginia corporation.

Our two sister companies in the Group are Red River Foods, Inc. (Richmond, USA) and Golden Pacific Dalian Food Co., Ltd. (Dalian, China). Our three companies currently employ over 130 workers.

Red River Foods, Inc., our domestic affiliate, complements and expands our trade horizons as one of the largest cashew and nutmeat importers in the USA. Dried fruits, seeds, and specialty snack products round out their product line. With their home office in Richmond, Virginia and branch office near Los Angeles, California, Red River operations are strategically located to service US customers coast to coast.

Red River has a branch office in Malatya, Turkey, the heart of that region’s apricot, sultana raisin, and filbert groves to coordinate worldwide exports. Another office in Accra, Ghana supervises African cashew purchases and exports. The recent opening of an office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam sets the foundation for more expansion in the cashew processing industry of that country.

Golden Pacific Dalian Food Co., Ltd., our US-owned subsidiary in China, was incorporated in May, 2004 to provide a modern, certified food processing facility for exports of pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, nutmeat oils, and other natural products. In April, 2007 Golden Pacific expanded again into a turnkey, state-of-the-art plant where international food safety standards are carefully controlled. The factory covers 5,500 square meters on a 10,800 square meter plot near the bustling seaport of Dalian, China.

Mr. Li Gong, our partner in trade for the past 15 years, has served as the General Manager of Golden Pacific from its inception. Li divides his time between China, the USA, and frequent travels across the globe.

Mr. LiGold Pacific Dalian Food Co., Ltd.