Gold Harbor Private Label

Private Label

Our own passion for natural foods and our customers’ requests prompted us to launch our line of products. The Gold Harbor label reflects over a quarter-century of scouring the globe in search of unique, quality products that we are proud to call our own.

Interested in packing these products in your own label? OR, looking for a specific Gold Harbor product mix and size? We have experience packing private label products for large and small retail customers. Please contact us.

packaged fruit

Gold Harbor Packaged Fruit

Gold Harbor’s selection of seedless Satsuma variety of Mandarin Orange segments are packaged in convenient cups for on-the-go healthy snacking or in cans. We also offer Diced Pears, Mixes Fruits (Peach/Pear/Pineapple), and Fruit Cocktail.

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bean pastas

Gold Harbor Organic & Gluten Free Bean Pasta

Our Organic Bean Pastas are a Gluten Free, high fiber & protein, delicious low carb meal choice. Gold Harbor offers three delicious pasta choices: Organic Soybean Spaghetti, Organic Black Bean Spaghetti, or Organic Green Soybean (Edamame) Fettuccine.

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Gold Harbor Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, & Coconut Milk

Our 100% Coconut Water contains no added sugar and is cholesterol and fat free. This natural hydrating beverage is also an excellent complement to smoothies, cocktails or cooked with rice. Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk (for cooking) are also available.

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Private Label Products

We offer a wide range of food products to be packaged in your company’s private label. We will work with you to customize the product specifications and packaging that best meets your needs.

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