green soybean fettuccine

Gold Harbor Organic & Gluten Free Edamame Fettuccine

Gold Harbor Edamame Fettuccine Nutrition Facts Gold Harbor Edamame FettuccineFettuccine means “little ribbons” in Italian and is traditionally made of egg and flour. Try our Gold Harbor’s Organic Edamame Fettuccine for a delicious Low Carb and Gluten Free meal. You may be surprised that we use only Edamame and Water to create our version of Fettuccine, and it cooks to Al Dente texture in just 3 to 5 minutes.

• Gluten Free
• Low Glycemic Index
• Low Carb
• Low Fat
• Cholesterol Free
• High in Protein, Fiber & Iron

Ingredients: Organic Edamame (Green Soybeans), Water.

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