soybean spaghetti

Gold Harbor Organic & Gluten Free Soybean Spaghetti

Gold Harbor Soybean SpaghettiGold Harbor Soybean Spaghetti Nutrition FactsFor thousands of years, soybeans have been a healthy mainstay in traditional Asian diets. Today, Gold Harbor’s Organic Soybean Spaghetti is a low-fat and cholesterol free meal choice packed with protein and iron. At nearly half the carbs of regular pasta, and only 3-5 minutes of cooking time, Organic Soybean Spaghetti delivers a quick and nutritious meal.

This is not your ordinary Gluten Free pasta. It tastes delicious and cooks to a perfect Al Dente. Gluten free pasta never tasted so good.

• Gluten Free
• Low Glycemic Index
• Low Carb
• Low Fat
• Cholesterol Free
• High in Protein, Fiber & Iron

Ingredients: Organic Soybeans, Water.

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