Gold Harbor Coconut Water, Coconut Oil, & Coconut Milk

Our 100% Coconut Water contains no added sugar and is naturally fat free and cholesterol free. Experience the pure taste of coconut water on its own for a naturally hydrating beverage. Or add coconut water to your smoothies, cocktails, or cook it with rice. We offer Conventional and Organic Coconut Water in Tetrapak or Cans.

Coconut Oil is used in cooking and baking due to its high smoke point. It is also used as a dairy free substitution for butter, and other wide ranging purposes, such as a skin moisturizer or as a hair conditioner. Gold Harbor offers Coconut Oil in bulk.

Coconut Milk may be incorporated into savory and sweet recipes making it a versatile dairy free milk or cream replacement. Available in cans or in Tetrapak.